Experience a transformation like never before with Shift; the exclusive health and wellness program of HollandStivers Employer Solutions. 


With our customized wellness solutions, you and your employees will be able to engage with us as we help you develop sustainable healthy habits that focus on mental, emotional, financial, social, and physical health through educational initiatives, participation based challenges, and much more.


 With our in-house wellness coordinator, you'll be able to design your program from the ground up, with features including: 


Program design

We'll work with you to design your customized plan.


We'll help you outline your plan in advance so you know what to expect.

Plan Revisions

Make revisions at any time, to ensure your program is always fitting your needs.

Program Kick-Off

Ignite the spark in your employees with a kick-off event hosted by us.


Our program is HIPAA, GINA, and ADA compliant.


We're always a phone call or email away and can assist you with any problems.

Aggregated Reporting

Keep up with your program success with regularly assessed and interpreted data.

Employee Feedback

Make the next year better by hearing from those who participate.






Carrier Wellness Plans

A carrier wellness plan is a wellness program that is offered to your company through your health insurance. If you're not ready for a completely customized plan, we can help you administer and engage your employees in your carrier wellness plans. Some that we work with often are:


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