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Simplified Wellness Plan

We have two main goals when it comes to our wellness programs: promote healthier lifestyles by implementing self-awareness to employees’ health and to provide a positive, long-term impact on healthcare costs. Our in-house wellness coordinator will help you design a plan that is cost effective and has a direct impact on healthcare premiums. When you put your wellness in our hands, you get our above and beyond service:

  • Personal, in-house administration
  • Customizable features:
    • Eligibility
    • Point structure
    • Engagement and participation events
    • Incentives and rewards
  • Employee engagement
    • Face-to-Face
    • Webinars
    • Newsletters
    • Employee Wellness Challenges
    • Lunch-and-Learns
  • Support
    • Compliance
      • Completely confidential
      • ADA/GINA/HIPAA compliant
      • Reasonable Accommodations
    • Online Wellness Portal
      • Employee/Employer Access
      • Fully Customizable
      • Mobile App Available
        * See Wellness Portal tab for full details*

Clinical Wellness Plan

Let us expand your wellness plan to offer more clinically driven solutions. Clinical wellness plans allow you to develop personalized health solutions and work one-on-one with local health professionals. Some expanded benefits of clinical wellness plans include:

  • On-site Biometrics
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Near-site Clinics
  • Robust Wellness Plan Offerings
  • Quarterly Educational Sessions

Carrier Wellness Plans

A carrier wellness plan is a wellness program that is offered to your company through your health insurance. We can help you administer and engage your employees in your carrier wellness plans. Some that we work with often are:

  • Go365 by Humana
  • Anthem Health & Wellness
  • Aetna
  • Rally by UnitedHealthcare

Holland Stivers Wellness Carrier Logos

Workplace Wellness Portal

We have an online wellness portal to help us in implementing our programs. This makes engaging in the plan easier and more user friendly for both employees and admins. It is customizable and has numerous features that can be utilized by employers and employees. The site is mobile-friendly and has an app available. Some features are:

  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  • Aggregate Reporting
  • Incentives & Rewards
  • 2-way Secure Chat
  • Notifications
  • Content Management
  • Document Storage
  • Activity Tracker
    • FitBit
    • Apple Watch
    • Garmin
    • iHealth
    • Apple Health
    • Google Fit
    • RunKeeper
    • And More
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Digital coaching
  • Wellness Library
  • Biometric Results
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Surveys
  • Personalized Plan for Wellness
  • And more

The wellness portal HollandStivers partners with has earned Certified status for information security by the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance. HITRUST CSF Certified Status is the most widely-adopted security framework in the U.S. healthcare industry as it meets key healthcare regulations and requirements for protecting and securing sensitive private healthcare information.