Employee Management

ACA Reporting

ACA tracking, reporting, and 1094/95 forms can be done automatically with no paper or confusion. Our solutions provide clients with a one-stop-shop for all of their ACA reporting and at a cost 60-75% less than other TPAs.

  • ALE & affordability calculators
  • Eligibility reports, simple management for variable hour employees
  • Set-up stability, measurement & administrative periods to identify eligible employees
  • Full Pre-Transmission Audit
  • Generate & send 1094-C/1095-Cs to employees directly
  • Directly Federally E-File, Print, & Mail forms all from one place.

Customizable Reporting

Run real-time reports for just the information you are looking for. Our HRIS system has hundreds of template reports that allow you to pull just the information you're looking for quickly and efficiently. You also can create a customized report with specific information and then save that report for later. As your broker, we can create a report specifically for you and then share it directly with your managers.

Employee Technology-Based Education

Employees can go online to their customized group portal and compare plans, view benefit guides, a summary of benefits and coverage, as well as review benefit videos.

Medicare Assistance

If you have employees that are turning 65 or eligible for Medicare, we have a full division dedicated to working with your employees from start to finish. Our Medicare specialist can explain their Medicare options and how they work with your group benefits.

Mobile Ready

Employees can access their benefits anytime via our HRIS system on their smartphone or tablet. Below are some features that employees can use on via mobile:

  • Enroll in their benefits
  • View Compliance documents
  • Request & view their Paid Time Off
  • View list of company contacts
  • View their benefit details

Onboarding / Data Management

Onboarding is used to facilitate the assignment of tasks to employees during their employment with your company. Set up customized tasks for new hires, annual compliance requirements, or for a current employee that have a life event. All current and historical records are assigned to the individual employee’s profile. This information feeds into our reporting tool, allowing you to pull reports related to the onboarding data. Manage the following with onboarding and data management within your HRIS system:

  • New Hire Enrollment
  • Make Life Event Changes (Birth, marriage, divorce, etc.)
  • Update Personal Information & Beneficiaries
  • Update W-4, I-9 or Tax deductions
  • Customizable Task Manager
  • Document Storage & Retention
  • Terminations and Layoffs

Online Enrollment

We give you the ability to have your employee enroll 100% online. This eliminates the forms and censuses that you have to keep up with and give your employees the ability to discuss their benefit options with their family at home. We oversee the enrollment and any information that needs to be sent to the carriers. Would you still like to have enrollers onsite? No problem, we can still use the same system and our enrollers will enroll your employee via face-to-face or over the phone.

You will be able to track open enrollment progress to make sure that all employees have elected benefits. Once enrollment is complete, you will have direct access to all the information you need to update internal records. Online enrollment also includes the following features:

  • Step by Step Enrollment Process
  • Passive Enrollment
  • Direct-to-Carrier / 834 EDI Capability
  • Worksite Benefit Enrollment (Aflac, Colonial, etc.)
  • Elect Life Benefit Increases
  • Demographic Changes by Employees
  • Payroll and Deduction Changes

Paperless Enrollments

Don’t need a full HRIS system, but still want to skip the paper? No problem. We offer options to enroll employees via online applications, enrollment census, or custom applications.

Payroll Integration/Partnerships

Our HRIS system gives you access to 2-way payroll integration with select certified payroll vendors. Information from your payroll system can transfer to our system in real-time. We can also send benefit election information to payroll.

Have your own Payroll/HRIS system? We have numerous vendor partnerships we work with. As your broker, we can partner with your vendors to make employee management streamlined for you.

PTO/Vacation Tracking

Simplify time off tracking by streamlining PTO, holidays, and sick days all in one system that calculates and accrues for you. We can set up your unique time off package that fits your company. This will take any accruals, PTO by tenure or class and send the request to specific managers within each department. Employees can submit a request from anywhere, anytime.