Benefits Education & Enrollment

Employee Benefit Guides

Navigating your benefits can be difficult, so we provide a way to condense all your benefits into one place. All eligible employees receive a booklet with all the information they need at open enrollment or when they are newly hired. As your broker, we provide benefit guides at NO COST to you. Employee Benefit Guides contain a variety of useful information such as:

  1. Rates for each line of coverage
  2. In-network and out-of-network benefits
  3. Deductibles
  4. Carrier contact information
  5. Eligibility information
  6. Any additional information you prefer
  7. And much more!

Employee Technology-Based Education

Our firm also utilizes various technologies as a source for live webinars, recorded webinars, education meetings. Employees can register and attend webinars/meetings on general benefit topics or educational session on your group’s specific benefits. Attendees can interact with our account manager, to ask questions or discuss specific details. Employees can be attended via a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Employee Education

We know that just providing educational materials is not the answer to your employees having a full understanding of their coverage. In order to ensure we are providing impactful solutions to you and your business, we provide several educational sessions for employees to attend during your open enrollment period. These sessions allow employees to review their coverage with one of our account managers and ask any questions they have.

  1. Face-to-Face Meetings
    1. Open Enrollment
    2. On-going New Hires
    3. General Education
  2. Webinars (Monthly or Quarterly)
  3. Telephonic & Email
  4. Benefit/Enrollment Videos
  5. Online & Printed Resources

Enrollment Solutions

Every client's needs is different; likewise, your enrollment needs are different. We have a variety of solutions to handle your open enrollment as well as on-going new hire enrollments.

Full online enrollment

We can give your employees the capability to enroll online and/or off-site anytime. Employees can enroll via computer or mobile device. There are two ways we provide this solution:

  • In-House HRIS System: We utilize a completely customizable system that allows us to manage your benefits from start to finish. For full details, please see our Employee Management section.
  • Third-Party Enrollment System: If you currently have an enrollment system, we will work with your vendor to coordinate and manage enrollment if available.
In-Person/On-site enrollment

Our in-house enrollment team can enroll your employees on-site when you need it or by appointment at one of our offices.

Third-party enrollers

We utilize specialized vendors to coordinate larger enrollments. These enrollers have met certain standards of licensing and training outlined by HollandStivers.

Total Compensation Statements

Your investment into your employees goes above and beyond a regular paycheck. As an employer, you may want to provide your employees with a total compensation statement. As your broker, we can assist you in creating a total compensation statement for your employees. These statements can be customized to fit your offerings and needs. Some statements may include benefits such as:

  1. Base pay
  2. Bonuses
  3. Benefits
  4. Personal Time
  5. Stock Options
  6. Employee Assistance Programs
  7. And much more!