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Our consulting services aim to establish reliable and cost effective support in handling day-to-day employee issues, such as:

HR Guidance and Counsel

We can guide you through sticky HR situations and provide counsel when dealing with HR issues.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local employment regulations.

Performance Management & Employee Separations

Does your performance management process need work? Discover what’s possible with our design-thinking approach.

Workplace Investigations

We can conduct workplace investigations on your behalf as an unbiased third party.

Employee Leaves & Requests for Accommodations

We can help you handle Employee Leaves and Requests for Accomodations.

HR Assessments & Internal Audits

Is your business in compliance, do you have modern HR and Recruiting practices, or the right departmental structure in place today for where you are headed?

Employee Handbooks & Policies

Are your employee handbooks and policies up-to-date and compliant? We can help you assemble thorough and accurate handbooks and policies so you’re business remains compliant.

Job Descriptions and FLSA Testing

We know that as your employees take on more responsibilities, their job descriptions change. We can help you create and/or update your job descriptions so they’re always accurate.

Compensation & Pay Equity Analysis

If you need to incentivize your team, are losing talent to the competition, guessing salaries, or need assistance pricing jobs for a contract, we can help.

Affirmative Action

HR Strategic Planning and Implementation

Are your business leaders and/or board members aligned with the business strategy? Lean on us to facilitate your offsite retreat or serve as a strategic thinking partner

Merger & Acquisition Support

We can provide Merger & Acquisition Support for your business.  

HR Department Set-Up

New HR Department? We can help you get started and set you on the right track for success.