Employee Benefits: HollandStivers

Published September 03, 2013

Your Employee Benefits Strategic Planning Partner

Healthcare Reform

  • Legislative Updates and Resource Library
  • Increased confidence in your ability to comply with the Affordable Care Act regulations

Compliance And Education

  • Custom education material and hands-on assistance
  • COBRA administration
  • Expert resources for compliance with employment related laws


  • One of a kind, exclusively offered to HollandStivers’ clients
  • Managed by area physician’s office
  • Live Well, Work Well – education material

Human Resources

  • Custom educational material and hands-on assistance
  • Tools to streamline HR responsibilities and tasks: HR Insights and HR 360

Legal Support

  • Benefits attorney on retainer

Your Established Standard For:

Cost Containment

  • Product Pricing Comparison
  • Carrier Negotiations

Benefit Designs

  • Funding Analysis
    • Fully insured
    • Self-funded
  • Hybrid-Employer Aggregate Protection

Tailor-Made Service

  • Flexibility
  • Employee educational meetings and enrollments
  • Dedicated points of contact


  • Continued evaluation of how we have and can grow to serve your needs