Why Choose HollandStivers


To Passionately serve the families and businesses entrusted to our firm, offering a unique experience resulting in protection from the perils of life and finances; using our education and experience to care for them as we would ourselves.


Be the most reputable and respected firm in our region, distinguished in the exemplary way in which we eagerly provide value to the people we serve, bring to light the Christian values and ethics which we hold, and foster holistic growth in the financial stability of our firm and in the individuals that have and will propel us to greatness.


 Respect: For ourselves and for others

Within our organization and throughout the population we serve, differences abound, we strive to be a respecter of all as they were created.

Client Centered: Our clients are not an interruption of our work – they are the purpose of it.

Our clients are the lifeblood of our business. As such, we are motivates to take superior care of them by providing an unparalleled experience and service beyond expectation.

Excellence: It’s not a skill, but an attitude

Excellence, coupled with a sense of humor, is the standard by which we deliver the promises made to ourselves and our clients. No one is perfect, nor expected to be, but excellence is the goal towards which we will strive.

Collaboration: Many hands, One mind

A group of committed people accomplish profound results working together towards a common goal. Bound together with respect, a client focus, and positive attitudes we can overcome and excel; therefore, providing our valuable clients with the compassion and care they deserve.