Business Continuation Planning

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A chief concern among business owners is what will happen upon the death of one of the owners: how will it affect the business, the other owners and the deceased owner’s heirs? Surviving owners want to ensure the continuity of ownership, and avoid having a ownership fall into the hands of potentially inexperienced heirs of the deceased. In addition, they want to protect themselves and the company financially. On a personal level, owners also want to ensure that their family is financially secure and compensated fairly if something happens to them.


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Key person disability insurance is designed to provide companies with financial stability in a time of stress due to the sudden loss of an important employee. Policies can be taken out for any employee or manager the company deems essential. If a disability arises or an injury occurs, an insured key person can work towards recovery without having to worry about the potentially devastating impact of his or her absence.


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Do you employ at least one individual who is essential to your company’s success? Perhaps it’s you, a partner or someone with unique expertise that is unmatched throughout the rest of the company. If this person’s exit from the company is planned, such as retirement or voluntary termination, then the loss can be prepared for and the company can take the necessary precautions to minimize the effect. However, if the departure is unplanned due to an unexpected death, disabling accident or a sudden quitting, then your company will be exposed to financial risks.