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Wellness Program

At HollandStivers, we have available to our groups a unique solution for a company Wellness Program. Partnering with HealthWorks Medical, our extensive Wellness Program is administered by a local physician with local and national offices. A dedicated administrator works directly with you and your employees to improve participation and healthy lifestyle choices.

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Do you strive to live a healthier lifestyle, but lack the money, time or motivation to make a change? Look no further than our wellness program!

  • We provide resources to help you quit smoking, lower your cholesterol, lose weight and eat healthier, and provide all the support you need to make a goal and stick to it.
  • We can help you discover ways to fit healthy eating and exercise into your workday, so that it stops being a burden and becomes a manageable part of your life.
  • Encourage coworkers to participate with you and you’ll have an immediate team effort – you’ll never feel alone in your quest to adopt healthier habits and nix the bad ones.

Other benefits of joining our wellness program:

  • By participating, you can take advantage of great incentives from the company.
  • As you become healthier and lower your health risk factors, you will eventually save money on your health care costs, either through lower premiums or fewer medical bills.
  • Although you may not see immediate results, you’ll feel the difference within a few weeks – including more energy, lower stress levels and better sleep at night.